Burn and Acid Attack Survivors

I am experienced with working with burn and acid attack survivors, where counselling helps individuals to cope with the unimaginable and difficult challenges that may be encountered following a burn or acid injury.

Burns can be physically and psychologically devastating, many survivors wear the scars of their trauma for the world to see. You may feel anxious, depressed, guilty and worried when thinking about your future. Survivors may be confronted with altered appearances, physical impairments and psychological reactions.

During the initial weeks, months, and perhaps even the first year, a survivor may be very emotional. You may feel tearful, overly sensitive, and anxious, which is a normal reaction.

With the help of counselling we will address emotional needs as individuals undergo various stages of adjustment and face emotional challenges that parallel the stage of physical recovery. Working to acknowledge the injury and give permission to experience the thoughts and feelings that coincide, looking to assign new meaning to your life.

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